Piwowarski Discus Granulat

Piwowarski Discus Granualt is a complete feed for ornamental fish
- it is an extruded fish feed with high-quality ingredients such as the best fish and krill meal, and is also rich in vitamins, natural minerals and trace elements.
- The high stability of the feed in water and the high digestibility minimize water pollution.
- Contains easily digestible protein and phospholipids to promote the vitality of the ornamental fish
- The granules promise fast and healthy growth due to the balanced protein, fat, vitamin and mineral content < br />
Feeding recommendation Small amounts several times a day that can be eaten within a few minutes

Raw materials in alphabetical order Fishmeal. Fish oil, functional ingredients, grain products, krill flour, vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals

Vitamin A (3a672a) 10000 IU/kg Vitamin D3 (3a671) 2000 IU/kg I. Calcium Iodate (3b202) 3 mg/kg Mn: Magnesium Chelate (3b505) 12 mg/kg Zn: Zinc Chelate (3b612) 50 mg/kg Cu: Copper(II) Chelate (36b407) 5 mg/kg Antioxidants BHT (E321) 85mg/kg BHA (E320) 50mg/kg

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