Availability, reservation, photos and videos

Every year I get over 1000 inquiries about the availability of my fish, whether it is possible to reserve fish and whether I could send photos or videos. Since the answer is always the same, I give it here once for all inquiries.

I run a hobby breed and only breed a few thousand discus fish per year. For this reason I cannot always have all the colors in all sizes in stock at all times. In addition, it happens that some color varieties breed very rarely (sometimes not at all for a year or two). Of course I can't predict that. And when I finally have a brood of a seldom breeding line, of course I don't sell the young, but keep them until they are fully grown in order to keep the line.

Many customers ask when small fish will be available again. That depends on whether my system is completely filled with fish or whether I have empty aquariums. It makes no sense to me to sell small fish when aquariums are empty. Then I cannot cover my costs. But since I can never predict how quickly my aquariums will fill up due to successful breeding or empty again due to the usually very high demand for my fish, I cannot give an answer to this either.

That is also one of the reasons why I do not reserve fish. Apart from the fact that with the many requests for reservations (there are over 300 per year) I would not have the time to take care of the reservations, it would also happen regularly that someone could receive a type of fish that he has reserved, but another one not because it is not available. So unfortunately I can't accept reservations either.

That is why I have to ask all my customers, if they are interested in my fish, to check my webshop www.diskuszucht-piwowarski-shop.de regulary about availability.

The situation is similar with the availability of breeding pairs. I never know when I'll sell which pair. I usually decide that spontaneously. So I don't know this days, weeks or even months in advance. So here, too, I ask you to find out more in the webshop.

Often there are also inquiries if I can send pictures or videos of the available fish. I understand that very well, of course, and I try to answer these questions. But unfortunately I regularly don't have the time. So if there is no answer, there is no bad intention, but I couldn't do it because of all the work.